Investor Relations


W. Reid Sanders

  • Independent Director

    W. Reid Sanders is an independent member of our Board of Directors and has served as a director of our company since our merger with Capitol Acquisition Corp. (“Capitol”) in October 2009. Since 2010, he has served as a director and member of the audit committee and real estate investment committee of Mid-America Apartment Communities, Inc., a Delaware REIT that owns and operates apartment complexes (NYSE: MAA). He also currently serves as a director and a member of the audit committee and compensation committee of Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc. (NYSE: GPMT) and previously served as a director of Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp. (NYSE: SBY). Mr. Sanders currently serves as the President of Sanders Properties, Inc., a real estate company; is a member of the board, executive committee and nominating and corporate governance committee of Independent Bank, a bank holding company; serves on the Investment Committee at Cypress Realty, a real estate company; and is on the Advisory Board of SSM Venture Partners III, L.P., a private venture capital firm. He is the former Chairman at Two Rivers Capital Management, and his former directorships include Harbor Global Company Ltd., an asset management, natural resources and real estate investment company, PioGlobal Asset Management, a Russian private investment management company, The Pioneer Group Inc., a global investment management firm, and TBA Entertainment Corporation, a strategic communications and entertainment marketing company. Mr. Sanders was the co-founder and former Executive Vice President of Southeastern Asset Management, and the former President of Longleaf Partners Mutual Funds, a family of funds in Memphis from 1975-2000. Mr. Sanders is Chairman of the Hugo Dixon Foundation, is a trustee of the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, the Hutchison School, Rhodes College, and the TN Shakespeare Company, and is a former trustee of The Jefferson Scholars Foundation and the Campbell Clinic Foundation. He received a Bachelor’s Degree of Economics from the University of Virginia.